Monday, March 06, 2006

The Beginning

This is the blog for the Computer Science 182s Project. Our group members are Owen, Tomas, Tabie and Vinh. The responsibilities of each member are as follows:

Owen: Legal Consultant is responsible for researching case-law, finding precedents, and understanding the legal side of this assignment.

Tomas: Blogging Guru is responsible for developing and maintaining the blogging site, ensuring that materials are online and accessible.

Tabie: Ethicist and Ombudsman is responsible for ethical oversight and generally ensuring that all parties are working together, making progress, and doing things "right" at many levels. This person should understand something of each of the areas and be able to assist with each of them.

Vinh: Technical Liaison is responsible for ensuring technical solutions work -- maintaining and installing software, understanding technical issues as they pertain to file systems, scripts, and operating systems. Understanding software problems and developing solutions.

We will be meeting tonight at 9pm in the McDonalds area of the Bryan Center to discuss how we will complete the project and begin work.


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