Monday, March 06, 2006

First Meeting

Our first group meeting went well. We decided to each pick 7 songs that Vinh would download with the iTunes gift certificate that ola gave us. Once we have the songs downloaded we will be using Total Recorder (the license will be provided by ola) and use this software to remove the DRM from the iTunes songs we purchase.

Currently our group is not sure whether this circumvention of DRM is legal. We looked over some code law at the meeting and initially we are leaning towards the legal side. Vinh brought an interesting O'Reilly article that helped us decide which software we wanted to use for the project. In addition is provided references to relevent code law that supports the legality of this method to remove iTunes DRM.

We will be meeting again on Thursday at 8pm in the McDonalds area of the Bryan Center. In the meantime we will be sending our song selections to Vinh by tomorrow. Vinh will be downloading the songs and removing the DRM. Owen will be researching code law that we will review at the next meeting. Tabie will help with code law research and assist Vinh if he runs into any problems with Total Recorder. I will be keeping the blog up to date with any developments.


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